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Your child’s first introduction to the outside world.

We make it a lifetime memory!


Over And Look Around

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Infancy is a delicate stage in early social and emotional development. It is the child’s first introduction to the outside world.

Our local Daycare Programs are year-round, full-day programs, running five days a week to accommodate the needs of busy parents of children from two months to three years. The timings are kept flexible between 8:00 am – 6 pm, and the ratios are kept low to ensure every child gets individual care and attention.

Wise Owl Academy’s facility is built with a focus on the safety of your child. Our teachers play a crucial role in creating a safe and nurturing environment to foster holistic development.

If you’re looking for baby daycare near you and are ready for more info, we’d love for you to visit us.


Meeting Kids At Their Level



Loving care for your infants


Transition 1

Individual attention to moving babies



Safe environment for exploring toddlers

After School

Transition 2

Cultivating routine for growing toddlers

Daycare Highlights

Our Day Care program in Nashua has following features:

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