Day Care in Nashua

Day Care in Nashua
In the city of Nashua, you can find out a warm and stimulating environment at Wise Owl Academy. It is a New Hampshire state-licensed childcare facility. As a daycare center, we believe in a child’s uniqueness i.e. every child is different and their learning style is also different from each other.

That’s why we provide the opportunity to build new skills, enhance hidden talents and inspire them to learn and grow. In addition, Wise Owl Academy offers a unique learning environment that reflects a well-planned curriculum to give individual support under the supervision of professionals.

Since 1982, Wise Owl Academy is a well-reputed day care Nashua NH. As a team of educators, we bring healthy learning opportunities and also nurture your child from the very start of their lives. We introduce one of the best programs of daycare catering to children as young as two months.

Day Care
Day Care

Our arranged classrooms are equipped with learning materials that introduce children to letters and reading Keep remember the words of John Cleal, “we must teach our children to smell the earth, to taste the rain, to see things grow, to hear the sunrise and nightfall to care.”

The daycare of Wise Owl Academy provides loving care for your infants and toddlers. Ultimately, one of the main goals of it is to help each child become confident and ready for the next level. It mainly focuses to make them good at art & craft, sign language, everyday math, language & literacy, handwriting, music & movements.

These skills impact their personality development and their practical life as well.

The child’s first introduction comes out at the stage of the daycare program. Wise Owl Academy always keeps a record to create early and emotional development among every child. With the parents’ accommodation, the timings are kept flexible and made sure that every child gets individual care and attention. The main features of this daycare program at Wise Owl Academy are as follows:


  • It is available for children of two months to three years.


  • The full-Day program is presented with flexible times (7 am  – 6 pm).


  • The parents can avail flexible days according to their busy schedule (2, 3 or 5 days a week).


  • It ensures a secured and nurtured environment.


  • For individual care, low student to teacher ratio.


  • Get routine updates by using Procare App.


  • A dedicated teachers’ team communicates with the child’s parents effectively.


The Summer Programs Nashua NH contains things we model for our kids, whether we realize it or not. Under the supervision of professional ones, we teach children different aspects of life to deal with:


  • How do we deal with frustration?


  • How do we solve problems?


  • How do we listen to others?


  • How do we take care of ourselves?


  • How do we apologize and repair?


  • How do we ask for help?


  • How do we handle mistakes?


  • How do we navigate conflict?


  • How do we approach differences?


  • How do we care for animals?


  • How do we care for our environment?


Above all dealing with various aspects of practical life, can make a child a better citizen in our society. Children grow fast, and then become grown-ups with a certain personality. That is the point you can choose Wise Owl Academy for personality development through the program of daycare throughout the Nashua. In which you can discover a mixture of passion and growth in children beyond simple Preschool Nashua NH progress.


The parents can inspire with other various wonderful learning programs for their children as well. These programs are designed in accordance with child’s development level and their learning requirements. It facilitates the full secure atmosphere of your child. So, it is time to apply for your child’s admission at Wise Owl Academy.